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1.   Needs Analysis
1.1 Questionnaires to our client to understand their relocation needs
1.2 Provide website for our client
1.3 Initial visiting schedule for both Orientation and Home Search Tour
2.  City Orientation 
2.1 Airport pick-up upon our client’s arrival
2.2 City introduction including car tour of shopping & medical facilities and tour of points of cultural interest
2.3 School search and application assistance
2.4 Provide orientation packet including orientation booklet, map and taxi Guide
2.5 Orientation program will be for one day, can be prolonged if requested by our client
3.  Home search
3.1Prepare complete visiting schedule and proposal according to questionnaires
3.2 Care Realty conduct house inspection with our client
3.3 Define short list based on client’s criteria
3.4 Give professional advice on property selection
3.5 Try to find the suitable properties within two or three days
3.6 Ensure there will be at least two options for your company employee
4.  Negotiate rental, terms and conditions
4.1 Ensure to follow your company Standard Tenancy Agreement, any exceptions will be brought to your company attention immediately
4.2 The prices offered to HR is the most competitive on the market
4.3 The negotiation results will be subject to the approval of HR
4.4 Negotiate with landlord for contract term and protect Corp benefit
4.5 Finalize Lease Contract and arrange signatures of both parties
5.  Pre- move in service
5.1 To check the house to make sure that the landlord has fulfilled every     
special terms so stipulated in the Contract
5.2 To check everything is working inside such as telephone line, broadband connection ,water, pipe electric appliance ,heating/AC etc
6.  Property Hand Over
6.1 Conduct all the Check-in procedure, taking down all necessary details
6.2 Sign the hand-over documents once all required works have been carried out
6.3 Forward copy of completed hand-over form HR and our client
6.4 Take photographic evidence of necessary items
6.5 Ensure Police registration to be done in time
7.     Check-out service 
7.1 Send the notice to HR three month in advance
7.2 Confirm with HR for termination arrangement and get HR chop on the termination notice
7.3 Send the notice to landlord and get their confirmation
7.4 Arrange pre check-out check 5 days in advance with our client
7.5 All the remaining problems are being solved within one month after our clients move out
7.6 Arrange utility fee clean up and deposit refund
7.7 Ensure the deposit refund in time
7.8 Try minimize loss because of breaking contract
8.     Tenancy Management Service
8.1 Provide a contact person/number for future inquiry
8.2 Help with school search & registration, certification processing, furniture purchasing, bank account opening, driving license, police station registration etc…
8.3 Coordinate between landlord and our client, regarding repair and maintenance work of the leased property
8.4 Conduct Courtesy Call every three months
8.5 24/7 follow up service & hotline
8.6 Follow up within 24 hours upon receiving the client’s request
9.     Contract Management Service
9.1 Establish database for all lease contracts including of rent, lease term,  
payment date etc
9.2 Lease expiry notification, arrange contract extension or termination
9.3 Audit of existing contract, review leasing price on a regular basis for compliance with market rate and inform HR of any rental fluctuations
9.4 Negotiate to reduce rentals during the lease renewal.
9.5 Avoid longer and fixed term for renewal contracts
10.   Payment Management Service
10.1 Help to issue debit notes and prepare official receipt
10.2 Collect rent and deposit on behalf of landlord
11.   Administration Support
11.1  Customer Satisfaction Survey
Customer Satisfaction Survey should be conducted after 3 months after tenant moved in; Customer Satisfaction Survey copy should be handed to HR for supervising purpose
All our sales’ bonus will be directly linked to Customer Satisfaction Survey result
11.2  Regular Business Report and Review
Care Realty will submit to your company Quarterly Business Report, in which will include:
Quarterly Contract Management Chart
Quarterly Payment Management Chart       
Quarterly Documentation Management Chart
11.3  Support on your company Budget/Policy Review ( Cost Saving)
Upon the request of your company HR department, Care Realty will give support on your company budget and policy review by providing market information and professional advisory opinions.
Negotiate to reduce rental during contract renewal
Ensure HR will have a clear understanding of latest marketing
Negotiate less compensation in case of breached contracts